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Getting Acrylic Nails at a Nail Salon

Who doesn’t want long and beautifully manicured fingernails? This can become a reality for you, thanks to the different methods done at nail salons. The acrylic nail method is one of your options. Acrylic nails are also referred to as faux nails, and these nails allow you to sport that perfect oval- or square-shaped fingernails without the fear of easily breaking them.

But while acrylic nails are a sight to behold, they are a little bit more expensive than traditional nail services. Furthermore, they require some upkeep as well. If you don’t maintain your acrylic nails, they may get damaged easily.

Where to Get Acrylic Nails In Aventura

Acrylic nails have to be done correctly and properly or you won’t get the best results. Acrylic nails are the solution to those who are tired of their short nails and for those who have been settling for nail art for the longest time. With the acrylic method, you’ll get dramatic fingernails that are worth sharing with the rest of your friends.

It all boils down to choosing a nail salon where there are professional manicurists who are experts in acrylic nails. Always remember that this method is not like most others, and it requires considerable experience to get it done right. Choosing the right nail salon is crucial to getting those perfect nails.

How Is It Done at a Nail Salon?

Acrylic nails are achieved by mixing liquid, powder, and dough to make a putty that will be placed over the nails. It will be shaped onto each one using a brush. Unlike gel nail polish, there’s no need to cure it with a lamp so it’s relatively easier to achieve.

Nail technicians will shape your nails just the way you want it. They may use nail forms to achieve the desired effect. Each acrylic nail will be further shaped and then painted using the nail polish that you prefer. You may also opt for some nail art if so desired.

Other Facts About Acrylic Nails

The best thing about acrylic nails is that all types of polish will work with it. You may use gel and traditional nail polish. While it’s true that acrylic nails do require some upkeep, they’re worth all the trouble. Nail technicians usually require their clients to go back to the nail salon every three weeks to get their nails filled. Acrylic nails are usually good for up to two months before they have to be removed.

When acrylic nails are removed, each nail should be soaked in acetone. When it’s soft enough, then it can be removed gently. Again, you have to choose the right nail salon when getting your acrylic nails removed. The removal process has to be done carefully so as not to damage your nail bed.

While acrylic nails won’t necessarily damage your nails, they have to be cared for properly. Always remember that they have to be applied, filled, and removed properly. It’s also important to keep your nails dry and clean all the time for longevity.

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