Get Your Very Own VIP Nails

When it comes to nails, there are simply a lot of things that you can do with them. You can get your nails polished. You can get nail art. You can even get faux nails if you wish. Getting the VIP nails that you’ve always wanted isn’t very difficult these days. You only have to go to a reputable nail salon to get started.

Enjoy a relaxing pedicure and manicure from a trusted nail shop. It’s where you can get a VIP nail treatment, and it’s something that you can enjoy every few weeks if you desire. Once inside a nail salon, you’ll be presented with different options such as regular nail polish, gel polish, UV gel, and acrylic nails. There’s no stopping you on what to try. Below is a breakdown of your options.

1. Traditional Nail Polish

There are different types of nail polish available these days but nothing beats the original. Traditional nail polish is the same nail polish most people grew up to know. It comes in a small vial and painted over the fingernails one at a time. There are all sorts of colors available, and you can choose the one that suits your day’s mood.

2. Nail Art

Forget the usual single color nail polish. With nail art, your creativity is limitless. Check out the catalog of nail art from your favorite nail salon and find the one that you’d like to wear. The various designs available would surely astound you.

3. Gel Polish

Gel polish is a type of modern manicure that’s practically chip-free. This type of polish lasts for over 14 days without you going through any hassle. You’ve got more vibrant color choices with gel polishes as well. Plus you don’t have to go through the filings and drills associated with natural nails.

4. UV Gel

UV gel is different from gel nail polish because it’s a type of artificial nails. But unlike acrylic nails, it’s extremely thin and shiny. That way, it lets you enjoy that long, natural glossy nail that is quite difficult to achieve if you have brittle nails. With UV gel, you can!

5. Acrylic Nails

As stated above, acrylic nails are faux nails. It’s a type of enhancement that allows you to extend your nails as long as you want and shape it however you want. Acrylic nails are highly recommended to those who have brittle and weak natural nails.

How to Get VIP Nails

To enjoy VIP nails and to get some royal treatment and pampering, choose a nail salon that is genuinely committed to your needs. Getting a manicure or a pedicure is more than just having your nails and toes painted. It is all about relaxing for an hour or two in a salon that takes care of you very well. It’s all about being confident all over again, even if it’s just a change in your nail color. It all boils down to finding that one nail spa that you’re very comfortable with; the one that follows strict safety and sanitation standards and provides you with services like no other. 

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