Hair and Nails in Aventura

Natural Ways to Strengthen Your Hair and Nails

Getting that flawless magazine look isn’t an easy thing to achieve. Not only does it take time, but the expenses of beauty products can blow anyone’s budget out of the roof. So how does one attempt to pursue the magazine look without spending all their cash? One great thing about the world is that there are natural alternatives to beauty products, it’s just that many people don’t know it! If you are looking for ways to strengthen your hair and nails, look into natural alternatives to keep your money in your wallet such as avoiding water exposure to your nails, drinking lots of water, and using olive oil and eggs on your hair. 

Avoid Water Exposure to Nails 

One thing that not many people know, is that water exposure to your nails can actually weaken them and cause them to break more easily. Simply wearing gloves or taking showers instead of baths can make your nails become stronger and more durable. 

Drinking Water Helps Your Hair and Nails

On the opposite end of the spectrum, water is good for both your hair and nails—as long as you’re drinking it. Making sure you get a few good glasses of water in you a day can not only improve your hair and nails but also your skin and overall health. 

Strengthen Your Hair With Olive Oil and Eggs 

For your hair, there are actually many alternatives to products that you can use on your hair. Some of the most popular ones are putting olive oil and a raw egg on your hair before you wash it. It may seem gross, but the nutrients and make-up of the oil and eggs are actually known to make your hair softer and stronger. 

Focus on natural alternatives to do things like strengthening your hair and nails. Not only will you save money, but you’ll be helping the environment, and making a healthy choice for yourself as well. 

Getting your nails done can be a great way to pamper yourself and help increase your self-confidence. However, when it comes to getting Shellac Nails there are quite a few things to be aware of beforehand. There are a few stipulations to getting these sturdy nails as well as various bits of maintenance that will help them retain their brand new look. Here are a few things to know.  

You Need Healthy Nail Beds

First, in order to make shellac nails work for you, you need to have healthy nail beds beforehand. If you have damaged, peeling or otherwise unhealthy cuticles, you should refrain from shellac nails and go for a different option. These issues can prevent the longevity of the shellac and end up damaging your nails worse than ever before.

There is Regular Upkeep

Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure you keep your nails up regularly. Many different things are required in order to ensure that your nails maintain their original state. Apply cuticle cream twice daily to nourish your nails beneath the shellac color and avoid direct contact with any sort of chemicals. 

Nails Require Specifics

Many specifics will help maintain your nails and give you the best manicure yet. Shellac cannot be removed by regular nail polish but must be removed by a special chemical and process by a professional. They also need to be done in a salon with professional UV lights and items that can help make the manicure last. If you abide by each of these stipulations you can guarantee a long-lasting nail design that you will love.